Seminar: Game Development Technologies

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Seminar, 7 ECTS
Seminar Course
Tuesdays, 16.00 – 18.00
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This seminar focuses on developing games using common techniques in the gaming industry. You will learn about game programming patterns, game AI (including Reinforcement Learning, as well as traditional graph search algorithms), advanced animation techniques, basics in level and character design, and procedural environment generation. For this you will use the Unity 3D engine and the programming language C#. Sufficient knowledge in Object Oriented Programming (e.g. in Java, C++ or C#) is therefore a pre-requisite.

During the course, we will demonstrate the basic building blocks of games and their application in research, while you will use the knowledge gained in the seminar sessions to develop your own game prototype.


Ideally, you should have passed Programming 2, Softwarepraktikum, Nebenläufige Programmierung, Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen or have very good knowledge about programming as well as good experience in imperative programming using C#, C++ or Java. Unity utilizes C#, which is very similar to Java. It is expected, that you will gain the required knowledge in C# on your own.


For registration, please utilize the University registration page for seminars.


  • Janis Sprenger
  • Noshaba Cheema
  • Erik Herrmann
  • Han Du
  • Lorena Hell
  • André Antakli
  • Benjamin Duppe
  • Michael Meiser
  • Igor Vozniak
  • Nils Lipp
  • Philipp Slusallek

Optional Resources

  • Dunn, F. and Parberry, I., 2012. 3D math primer for graphics and game development. Boca Raton: CRC Press. Free Online Edition: